User interface for Tornado Cash Classic.
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Tornado Cash Classic UI

UI for non-custodial Ethereum Privacy solution

Building locally

  • Install Node.js version 14
    • If you are using nvm (recommended) running nvm use will automatically choose the right node version for you.
  • Install Yarn
  • Install dependencies: yarn
  • Copy the .env.example file to .env
    • Replace environment variables with your own personal.
  • Build the project to the ./dist/ folder with yarn generate.

Development builds

To start a development build (e.g. with logging and file watching) run yarn dev.

Deploy on IPFS

  • Make sure you set PINATA_API_KEY and PINATA_SECRET_API_KEY environment variables in .env
  • To deploy a production build run yarn deploy-ipfs.


For detailed explanation on how things work, checkout Nuxt.js docs.



Update cached files

  • For update deposits and withdrawals events use yarn update:events {chainId}
  • For update encrypted notes use yarn update:encrypted {chainId}
  • For update merkle tree use yarn update:tree {chainId}


After update cached files do not forget to use yarn update:zip

Example for Ethereum Mainnet:

yarn update:events 1
yarn update:encrypted 1
yarn update:tree 1

yarn update:zip

Example for Binance Smart Chain:

yarn update:events 56
yarn update:encrypted 56

yarn update:zip